Sunday, February 11, 2007
New Blog
Well guys... It's time to put this blog to bed. It's time has come and gone, but I'll leave it here cuz I just can't part with it completely. So help me tuck it into bed and give it a kiss. Thanks so much to all of you who've been here with me! You guys are the best! All the links on the right side of the page are still active, so have fun!

And don't worry! I've got a better, hotter, sexier blog up now! I know you'll wanna find out what this naughty girl is doing so come check me out at You'll really love my blog because I can do so much more with you there! There's even a link to my private sex chatroom there! So... whatcha waiting for?
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Sunday, January 14, 2007
Well guys, I've just started my very own podcast! It's an audio blog. I've only done one episode so far, but I plan on putting more up soon! Take a listen! Email me after you've listened and let me know, and I'll send you an extra special surprise. Click here to listen to me now!
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Sunday, December 10, 2006
OMG, another weekend with Hannah! She's my longtime friend, who is taking some time off from college. She's back in town and we have been doing the "naughty" together! Yes, she and I hooked up and had sex with each other all weekend. I really do enjoy eating her shaved pussy. Soft, sweet, smooth! Three of my favorites words! Her body build is similar to mine, but she's a brunette. Her nipples get rock hard, and she loves the feel of teeth on them!

Some of my phone sex calls were extra hot this weekend, since I got to share Hannah on the phone with my callers. They loved having two girls to play with! We roleplayed a lot of really scenarios, and we're planning on doing it again. My callers really got into it. At one point, I was eating out Hannah while he told me how hard he was fucking my ass! Just hearing his nasty words in my ear while I was hearing Hannah moaning AND tasting her sweet slit drove me over the edge. It was incredible.

So anyway, thanks for coming back to my blog to read about my naughty experiences. Or, is this the first time you've come here? Either way, this blog is for you! I love talking about the sexy things I've done! Maybe I share too much here, but I can't help it! So, did you get here from a link from another phone sex blog or site, or from seeing me on AOL or some other chat program? Either way, I wanna play on the phone with you! And doing so is so easy! You can call me and live out all of your fantasies. So, hey if you're reading this right now, and you've got a hardon that just won't go away, why don't you call me? I guarantee that it will be the best phone call of your entire life! Write this number down and put it somewhere safe! 1-800-863-5478 extension 0313771. Or, just click here to talk to me. Either way, your first call is FREE!
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Saturday, November 11, 2006
Hey, it's me again! Yup, the little tease is at it again! Okay, here's the scoop:

I went to the store yesterday, but I made sure I was looking hot and sexy! I wore a light blue tshirt with Tinkerbell on it standing in a very sexy pose. Under her was written "you want it, dontcha?" I didn't wear a bra, and since I was already feeling naughty my nipples were hard and they were poking right through. I had a tiny little denim skirt on and a sexy pair of thong panties underneath. I wore strappy sandals that require being tied, and purposely didn't tie the laces tight so they would come undone. I did this so I would have to stop and bend over to tie them again.

So there I was, slutting around the store watching people's reactions to me. I also had my hair in two little pigtails, just to complete the whole "young slutty temptress" look. I'm 19, but I'm quite petite and I'm often mistaken for being younger than I really am.

I could see people trying not to look, and some didn't try to hide the fact that they were enjoying seeing me wiggle my way up and down the aisles. I was sure to make eye contact with as many of them as I could. I wanted them to feel like pervs for checking out such a young looking girl. I also wanted them to pop a boner right there in the store. So, as I walked passed men, I would smile and look them in their eyes. Some would look away, others smiled back. I would then let my eyes trail down to their crotches, giggle, bend over or arch my titties out at them, then turn and find my next victim.

I had a great time at the store, and I wanna go back again and slut around again. And yes, I did actually go to buy something: a cucumber that I fucked myself with once I got home. *smile*
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Tuesday, October 03, 2006
Tickle Me!
I am so ticklish. It started about a year ago. He would tickle me and touch me all over. Maybe this was his way of getting his hands on my body without it seeming weird. I liked it. Sometimes I'd even ask him to tickle me. I'd go over to where he was working and say, "wanna play the tickle game?" No matter how busy he was, or what he was doing, he was always ready to undress me down to just my panties and start running his fingertips across my body.

You know, I'm naughty! Most 19 year olds are. But you like naughty girls, don't you? Well, now that I'm thinking naughty thoughts again, I'm gonna go play with myself. *wink*

P.S. Check out my new site with more pics!
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Monday, September 04, 2006
I do truly love sex. I have for a long time. Well, honestly, who doesn't love sex? Don't you love sex? I'm bisexual, so I love sex with anyone! Give me a tongue-talented older man, or a sexy girl my age and I'm all ready to take my clothes off! I love oral sex, both giving and receiving. But my absolute favorite is having both at the same time. I'm talking threesome! Yes, I love to suck a big dick, then turn around and lick a sweet pussy. Yum and delish!

So, who's gonna email me and tell me how much they enjoy oral sex? Are you brave enough to actually email me? I dare you! And who is brave enough to actually call me and tell me? Now we're talking! Come on, it's time to get wild! Do something bold, call me and talk to me LIVE one on one! I wanna hear about your love of pussy licking! I'll even tell you about the first time I licked pussy too! And don't worry! I'll let ya know about my super taboo first experience with cock! Ready to call? Use this link and instead of talking to me for $1.99 a minute, you can call me for 10 full minutes and be billed only $1.99. Let's share our taboo oral sex experiences and get off together! It's really time to stop being so shy and actually call me. I double-dog dare ya! *wink*
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Monday, August 14, 2006
Playing On Cam
It's not something I do often, but occasionally I do go on cam. I was camming today with a really nasty caller and I had a lot of fun! I've cammed for him before, actually many times before. I stopped camming in December because I just got burned out of it. But every now and then I don't mind going on cam for one of my favorite callers! I also released my newest pics to him, although I am not ready to start posting or selling them yet.

So I pretty much showed my body off to him. He hadn't seen me on cam since last year and he was so happy to see my hot body! I masturbated for him, and played with an 8 inch dildo. He also turned his cam on, and I enjoyed seeing him stroking his big cock for me. We both had big orgasms!

I only cam through NiteFlirt so we can be on the phone and be camming at the same time. It's a lot sexier and hotter to actually hear each other while seeing each other. You can view cams here and listen on the phone too! And you will also get 3 free minutes to get everything set up and get down to business. Just check out the girls here! There are some real hotties here, and I myself have actually bought cam shows from a few of these sexy cam whores!
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